Smoke Out

“When the water reaches the upper level, we follow the rats”
Rats mul7ply so quickly that in 18 months two rats could have over a million descendants. Philosophically, the rat is a connota7on of the human mind. Our mind is always full of desires and is oBen selfish, just like a rat. Our thoughts have great power, both posi7ve as well as nega7ve. If not controlled at the right 7me, both of them could be highly destruc7ve.
They need to get smoked out. Just as a rat that needs to be smoked out.
I have made some fumigated - disinfected - purified objects using fumes of certain chemicals normally used in museums. This quest explores our thoughts through this show: ‘Smoke Out’.

Tallur L.N. 2017

Published in 2018 By Chemould Prescott Road & Arario Gallery ISBN No 978-932964-0-0