Past Modern - 1999

Verbal Language is so stupid that it always demands a statement, It has never allowed me to be mysterious.

I know soldiers have batter sense of rhythm then musicians. They march only three maatras on Independence day. So doctor becomes a sculptor, a sculptor becomes an architect an accountant becomes a painter and a painter becomes a businessman.

I learnt to laugh from BBC news reader, I understood that to show mysterious laugh, I must work with the galleries I started using expensive junk, So I started going race course. Finally I chose the greeting card technique to greet people.

I use to chew bubble gum, It has interesting quality: you munch it till your life gets dry....sorry ..your mouth gets dry. I remember those days when i used to give my painting a "look"

I have never seen clouds close enough because i have not yet travelled in air. My imaginary knowledge is very high. I know all good things come from heaven:so be it what ever comes from Shanka is teertha That is why i like coke.

I like looking through SLR cameras, I know museum s are passport size photographs of the culture.

Buddha said 'Passion is the reason for all worries" But he worried to solve everyone worries. with this knowledge from history, I stopped thinking on recipes of "social problems" through art.

A work of art is like a deflated balloon Let us consider two dots on a deflated balloon Dot A and Dot B Let A= work of art and let B=audience. when the balloon is inflated the two dots expand. Bur I like Hopkinson's interpretation : dot A = time and space of the past Dot B =The time and space of the future. When the balloon is inflated, Past and future expands like the dots on the balloon but to me the blower, (the artist) in the centre acts as present.

I should find a condom for my brush. because my creative productivity rate is very high. I like high fundas which brings less criticism and convey a very good image. In few days from now my ONE FINGER IS ENOUGH computer will get Internet connection to update me.

We have eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands etc, Experts say we use only 20% of them. a work of art is like a tablet for increasing this percentage. It is like an Ayurvedic tablet with no side effects!

Someone has said: art has a "healing power" I am the doctor you are the patient. I am the creator you are all the receivers. One fine morning the doctor gets sick.

So ..Ho......
I should learn some artist's ethics,Hence I joined a Gym to study art and its ethics. I stand in front of a mirror and exercise.
May be Freud had a strong ego: so he divided ego in to three categories and came up with ego concepts.

Finally, Let us have a deal; you laugh I will say thanks so that, I will be richer by an answering machine.I know there is only a very narrow gap between "pop-ups" and flops. So please go ahead.

Published in 1999 by Chemould Gallery