Placebo - 2009

Oh Lord, the best among the givers of benediction, if you are pleased, grant me a boon.
Let me not die from the entities created by you.
Let there be no death for me inside or outside, in the day or in the night,
by any weapon, neither on the earth nor in the sky,
and neither by human beings nor by animals.
Let not death be caused to me by living or non living,
neither by gods nor by demons, or by the great serpent.
Let there be no one capable of competing with me.
Let me establish my lordship over embodied beings and all great deities of nature.

(Hiranyakshipu’s demand for boon – Ref.: Srimadbhagavatha)

A placebo (sugar pill) in the guise of a stimulant can increase the level
of our vitals (heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure...) and in the guise
of a sedative can produce sleep. "Fight or flight" is our physiological
reaction to anticipation, stress, anxiety, anger, fear... etc. We have
problems and we have solutions. But we do not know whether these
problems are really problems and whether these solutions can really
solve these problems. We continue our life with a belief that we are
moving in the right direction and the problems will get solved one day.

published in 2009 by Arario Gallery New York & Chemould Prescott Road Mumbai ISBN ; 13;978-89-92262-57-6 ISBN 13;978-81-908879-0-8