Chromatophobia - The Fear of Money - 2010


Chromatophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of money. Sufferers experience undue anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. They worry that they might mismanage money or that money might live up to its reputation as "the root of all evil."

Turbulence is a state where rhythm is lost. A seed sown with a wish for “momentum” grew up into a greed for “speed”. A speed that has never been seen before brought excitement!, Enjoyment!! And finally, a fear about the very speed we opted for!!!

The result: Chromatophobia – Fear of Money.

Treating Chromatophobia involves an invasive procedure that involves “bringing the rhythm back”, while maintaining the vitals in a stable condition under local anesthesia. Time is a crucial factor in bringing the rhythm back. The “process of ageing” that involves “time” is the only prescription that can control the speed and bring the lost rhythm back. This may involve some minor side effects like “survival of the fittest”.

An e- folktale: A Solution to the Global Economic Crisis

In a small town on the southern coast of France, the holiday season was in full swing, but due to rain business was slow and the people were in debt.
Luckily, a rich Russian tourist arrived in the foyer of a small local hotel. He asked for a room and gave a €100 note to the man at the reception counter. He asked the hotel owner if he could see the room before occupying it. The owner agreed and gave him the key to the room. The Russian guest took the key and went to inspect the room located on the third floor of the hotel.

In a hurry, the hotel owner took the banknote and rushed to his meat supplier, to whom he owed €100. The butcher took the money and raced to his supplier to pay his debt. The wholesaler rushed to the farmer to pay €100 for pigs he purchased some time ago. The farmer then triumphantly gave the €100 note to a local prostitute, who gave him her services on credit. The prostitute quickly went to the hotel, to pay for the room she occupied earlier to render her services.

At that moment, the rich Russian tourist came down to the reception and informed the hotel owner that the room was unsatisfactory and took his €100 back and departed.
So here is a debt free town, whose future looks “as shiny as a polished coin…”

Published in 2011by Arario Gallery Korea. and Nature Morte Gallery New Delhi. ISBN; 978-89-92262-71-2 96620